Dove Genetic Calculator 1.0
finally a genetics prediction program that includes the sex-linked colors

Back in September 2005 I found a web site for predicting the outcome of the many known colors, including the sex-linked colors in the parrot families. I contacted Martin Rasek and asked if he could possibly look at the known genetics of the Ringneck Dove & possibly adapt them to work with his calculator. With the help of John Fowler, we supplied Martin with the known genetics. Martin input this data & has produced an excellent addition to his parrot types genetic calculator for our doves.  It is quite a tool & results are correct - including the sex-linked genes & some results can be quite extensive.

 The inputting of the data is at times confusing. Am waiting on some instructional tips which will aid in inputting data. The blond "split to" button currently does not work by itself (such as a Tangerine split to Blond - gives no results); Martin is aware of this error & is working on it when his time allows. The picture below shows this button. Using the white "split to" button does give results.

The "Dove Genetic Calculator 1.0" icon below will take you to the actual web site & the calculator.

At the GenCalc web page there are helpful pop up windows which will help in the understanding of the symbols & genetics. Martin has some minor modifications to make yet the "dove calculator" to improve the visual results, currently Dark (wild type) shows up in the written results, even though it is not in the input data of a pair - however if you look at the genetic code results it is not listed for pairs not being Wild Type. This is another modification from the parrot wild types to Dove wild types in the calculator that needs some modification - green is "wild type for parrot species.

Symbol references for the sex-linked or multi-allelic genes
dw+ = Wild Type
dwB = Blond
dw = White

df = "double factor" or visual, such as a Tangerine Pearled; sf = single factor or just a Tangerine bird.

Visit the Dove Genetic Calculator & input data & view the results; tip, be sure to "reset" the calculator before inputting the next set of data.

Thanks to Wade Oliver & for allowing Martin the use of some pictures to depict the known colors

Martin knows nothing about the doves or genetics of the doves, so cannot answer your questions. However if you use the genetics calculator for parrot types for your own parrots type birds he can be of assistance in that field. I have included a link as well to the Gencalc for parrots below. 

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