by WhiteDove
Member of the Dove Pigeon E-Group

Here is my formula for pigeon balls, the only problem with this is
your fingers get cramped making all the little peas. Judge the size of
your peas by the size of the bird's mouth.

  1) 1 hardboiled egg yoke mashed
  2) 1 Tablespoon baby cereal, flakes
  3) 1 Tablespoon oatmeal
  4) 1 Tablespoon cornmeal
  5) 1 Tablespoon turkey starter
  6) 1 Tablespoon Petamine
      1 droplet of Avitron directly into the mouth. a day

    Form into pea size balls to put into mouth, feed three to four
times a day. The pigeon should be offered a lot of water. Put the beak
in to a cup of water, keeping the nostrils dry and let them drink.

Feel the crop as you feed the bird do not over fill, you want a soft
full crop not hard, if it gets hard you will have to rehydrate the

  This is also good when they are starting to pick on their own, you
roll the balls around and they start going after them and eventually
pick them up on their own

  To get the beak open put gentle pressure on the flanges,  you want
the baby to think it is eating from moms mouth, make a v with your  
fingers come from the top or once you get better at it you can come
from the bottom once the baby catches on to this they will open as
soon as you touch the flanges.