Green-wing Dove Color Mutations

These pictures show the color mutations existing in the Green-wing Dove currently being bred in the US. The Blue mutation is rare and the Plum is even rarer, with only a single  female/male and a few splits known to exist. There have been birds with white feathers on their bodies, but to date no pied mutation has been established in US collections.

The pictures of the "plum" are courtesy of Robin Russell

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©John Pire
Bird Owned by Jim Heffernan

The "Copper" was first bred by Warren Myers about ten years ago. Warren only produced the three visual birds. Richard Piná obtained one visual male from Warren. One was bought by myself, but it was killed by a male Bartlett's Bleeding Heart the day it was going to be shipped it to me.  The third visual went to a fancier in Northern California & was lost. Richard bred the visual to a normal bird and produced several splits, the visual bird died shortly thereafter. Not being able to keep the birds because of job circumstances the split birds went to Robin Russell.  

The mutation pictured above is birds produced from the split birds Robin obtained from Richard. I was told that this is not the original color of the "COPPER" produced in Warren's flights.  This mutation has the same body, head & neck colors as the original COPPER but the wing shields are darker and more "plum colored" then the original "copper" mutation. The wing shield coloration of the original mutation was a copper color no matter which way the light hit the wing shield.  I have not found a lot of accurate descriptions or pictures of the Copper; mostly it is second hand info.
Robin coined the name "PLUM" for this mutation.

The pictures below represent what is sold as Copper Greenwings. These are not a true "copper" mutation.

The description for Greenwings follows & the coppery bronze color is typical
" mantle wing shields brilliant green, bronze green with coppery red suffusion" per Gibbs book.

the male on right is from Jacob Hadomi & is only being used to show the coloration. I do not infer that Jacob calls this a Copper.
Do Not be fooled into expecting birds such as these as anything more then a normal Greenwing.


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Jeff Downing

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Article on the first occurrence of the Blue Green-wing. You can click on it for a larger picture. It does not print very well, but I have retyped the article so it can be printed. Click on the LINK & print it out.